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My Story

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

- Henry David Thoreau - 

At an early age, I found comfort in expressing who I was through various creative outlets. As a shy child, I would sit quietly coloring and drawing to entertain myself. In grade school, I played the violin. I took several art classes in high school. And while studying graphic design in college, I worked for an art auction. Burnt out from working and going to school full-time, I took a six month hiatus and started a beauty blog. Shortly after, I was recruited by MAC Cosmetics, where I worked for five and-a-half years and simultaneously started my own freelance makeup business. Through the years, I navigated my way through many different avenues of art to find my passion. It wasn't until I became an adult that I realized my passion-- ART. It wasn't one specific form of art, it was all art. All the unique and beautiful ways art can be expressed. 

During the day, I work for a minority, woman-owned federal consulting firm outside of Washington, D.C., where I do marketing and brand management. At night, I'm allowed to get a little more creative, designing business cards and logos for clients and friends. On the weekends I am beautifying the world one makeup brush at a time. In my spare time, which if you haven't noticed, is few and far in-between, I am obsessing over interior design and home décor. I could spend hours looking at design magazines, blogs and Instagram pages. Oh, and I'm an avid DIYer. 

Being the Capricorn that I am, I'm notorious for being overly ambitious... I thought, 'Hey Brittany! You don't have enough on your plate already, let's re-brand, and launch an entirely new website and blog!' And here we are! With that said, welcome to my little home on the internet.

Hi, I'm Brittany!

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